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Wheatley gaso pump has a new look, tell us what you think.

IEQ believes in best practices, which has made a trusted source for World Wide Pump Solutions. We have completely redesigned to be mobile friendly and to allow us to publish useful resources.

We are looking for your feedback, how we can make your job easier?
What would help you the most?
- A powerful search feature, where you could search for the pump, part or info you needed?
- Tools that would help you select the right pump for your application?
- Better maintenance/part information for the pumps that you manage?
- A set of industry-specific calculators and tools?
- Interactive parts list to easily identify the replacement parts you require for each pump model?

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Because your time is valuable to us, and because we value your feedback, we are offering the chance to win one of several $100 Amazon gift cards when you submit this survey 
Update: Thank you for your willingness to provide feedback on, but the survey is closed, and three winners have been selected.
Thank you so much for your part in making great!


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