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Top 5 Replacement Parts For Plunger Pumps

A pump is not a piece of equipment you purchase and then use every once in a while. If your business needs a pump, then it really needs a pump, and if your business really needs a pump, then having that pump go down means your business is going down too.

Whether you’re pumping oil for a pipeline, handling water treatment issues, or washing cars, a downed pump means a sharp loss in productivity and profit.

Like any piece of equipment, the internal components of a pump wear down over time and eventually need to be replaced to keep things running smoothly.

Knowing which parts of your pump will need to be replaced and when they’ll need to be replaced will allow you to ensure that your pump and your business stay up and running.

Here are the top five parts in your plunger pump that will need to be replaced.

  1. Fluid end packings – Replace three times a year
  2. Power end packings – Replace three times a year
  3. Plungers – replace once a year
  4. Suction / discharge valve assemblies – Replace once a year
  5. Gasket sets (Fluid end and power end) – Ideally, gaskets should be replaced anytime they are disturbed, like when removing cover plates or valve covers. At the very least, power end gaskets should be replaced once a year while fluid end gaskets should be replaced three times a year at the same time as your packing.

Of course, even if you follow the proper maintenance schedule, breakdowns can still occur at unexpected times.  Keeping replacement parts on hand and ready to go means you’ll be ready when maintenance rolls around.  You’ll also be able to stay on top of any sudden repair needs.

Keep in mind that this maintenance schedule is recommended for use under normal conditions. More severe service conditions may require these items to be replaced more frequently.

Not sure what parts are right for your pump, or what maintenance schedule to use? Contact our experienced staff with any questions you might have and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to keep your pump and your business running.

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