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Ceramic plungers

Ceramic PlungersCeramic plungers work exceptionally well for most saltwater, chemical, and metering applications. IEQ specially-formulated grades of ceramic allow for a standard 8 RMS surface finish dramatically extending packing life.

Made of durable stainless steel, IEQ adapters successfully resist corrosion. We use a proprietary process to bond the ceramic body to the stainless steel adapter for extremely reliable performance in the field.

IEQ ceramic plungers are available in the hollow ceramic design, as well as the solid ceramic design.

When corrosion and abrasion resistance are required and extended packing life is needed, ceramic plungers are unmatched in performance. However, ceramic plungers are not optimal for every application. For example, we do not recommend their use in pumping hazardous materials. Contact one of our specialists for more information.

Hardness comparison

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