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Stem-Guided Plate Valves

stem-guided plate valves To match your application needs, IEQ Industries Stem-Guided Plate Valves are available in a variety of pressure ratings and material combinations. Seats – The IEQ Industries standard seat is a three-webb, investment-cast, 316 stainless steel unit that is also available in a five-webb, high-pressure design. Both styles are also available in Monel® stainless steel. The three webb style is rated at a maximum of 4200 psi – depending on the type of plates used.


Our general service plate, used in most applications, is made with Delrin® plastic. It can be used at up to 1800 psi on our three webb seat and 3500 psi on our five webb seat when used in 70° F fluid. The Delrin material strength will decrease as the temperature increases – retaining 25% of its original rating at 160° F.

Titanium plates are recommended for high temperatures and/or high pressures. Titanium plates can be used at up to 2500 psi on our three webb seat and 4200 psi on our five webb seat.


IEQ Industries springs are made with shot peened Inconel® metal. This provides the dependable service required for virtually all plate-valve applications.


All IEQ Industries plate valves use Monel stainless steel fasteners – complete with a nylon thread lock plug which prevents fluid leakage around the threads and keeps the fastener in place.

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