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Duplex, Triplex and Quintuplex Wheatley and GASO plunger and piston pumps

When purchasing plunger pumps, don't skimp on quality. Invest in the best to get the most for your dollar. Here at IEQ Industries, we sell duplex, triplex and quintuplex Wheatley and GASO plunger and piston pumps. We understand that quality construction means reliable performance, which is why we limit our inventory to the Wheatley and GASO product lines.

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Our customer service representatives are also well-versed in the construction and application of plunger pumps, so we can help you select the right pump for your business needs. For instance, ceramic plungers are best for chemical and saltwater applications since ceramic is resistant to corrosion. There are also chrome oxide plungers that limit lubrication or tungsten carbide pumps to be used with oil.

Parts and Accessories for Plunger Pumps
If you are the owner of a new, used or remanufactured Wheatley pump and are experiencing a problem, let us help. At IEQ Industries, we offer replacement parts as well as accessories for Wheatley and GASO pumps. If you don't find the part you're looking for in our extensive inventory, please let us know. We know the plunger pump industry inside and out, so we might be able to track down any hard-to-find parts.

In addition to supplying our customers with plunger pump parts, we also provide pump repair services. Speak with our friendly, expert customer service representatives to find out what to do next. Contact us at 1.800.544.9053 or fill out our contact form. Our turn-around is quick and precise, so you can minimize your company's downtime.

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